Hour 17 | Change

When I began this blog nearly two years ago, I had lofty ambitions. I began by wanting to write a blog post each day–and by all accounts, I should be on Hour 700+ by now. I quickly realized that it was improbable, if not impossible, to keep up that pace and continue all of the activities I was engaged in. So I changed my original plan and decided to write when I had time.

Nearly one year and many, many hours later since writing my last post, here I am! Since I’ve been absent for so long, I’ve decided to make this post a wrap-up of 2018–an INCREDIBLE year, complete with incredibly wonderful things.


  • Attended my first Hamilton County Commission on Women & Girls meeting and began a year long journey alongside some fantastic women & girls.
  • Marched alongside thousands of other concerned Cincinnatians in the Annual MLK Day march that I helped plan.
  • Co-authored an Op-Ed on behalf of the MLK Coalition, in honor of MLK Day.


  • Got to see Michelle Obama in Indianapolis


  • Stormed the Ohio Statehouse advocating for pay and gender equity (and hung out with Lilly Ledbetter to boot).


  • Had a marathon week when everyday there was an event that I planned and/or participated in, including a community conversation, a community-wide book discussion, a Stand Against Racism, and an advocacy summit at which I served as a panelist.



  • Received an award from the University of Cincinnati for my “…dedicated professional and activist work on behalf of women and girls in the Cincinnati metropolitan region.” 




    • (my daughter worked alongside her…and was seemingly completely unaffected by this…smh #teenagers)


  • Presented recommendations to the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners–resulting in a county-wide policy change!


  • I resigned from my position as Advocacy Manager at YWCA Greater Cincinnati!

So many things happened in 2018 that I can’t remember it all–this was just a highlights reel! I’m really excited for 2019 and the #change and everything that it will bring. 

Happy New Year! 


About Desiré

During my 20-year climb to economic self-sufficiency, I've inched my way from being a teenaged single-mother and high school dropout to completing a postgraduate degree and working as a Social Justice Advocate.
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  1. Verna Bennet Tinsley. ( your mom)v says:

    OMG!!! Never thought id say this, DESIRE ANGELIQUE BENNETT for PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES in the near future, if you accomplshed this in ONE YEAR..think what you could accomplish while in office!

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