Hour Nine | Truth

I’d like to take this moment to thank my five subscribers for being intrigued/supportive/curious enough to subscribe to my blog! You’re super cool and I appreciate you.

The hours have flown by since my last post. Since then, I’ve realized a few truths:

Truth #1: I get super excited about almost everything (this is known as my muchness)
Exhbit A: my overexcitement about someone jumping on a bungee cord Ha!

A little back story: Wednesday evening, I’m on my way to an event (which turned out to be a really great evening–it seemed like at least a couple of people, if not all, in my dialogue circle got a lot out of the process–and I promise I’m not saying this because I had something to do with putting the event together. The evening was very meaningful and I wish we could do more of them!) I helped coordinate and I see this guy (and others out of frame) jumping and doing flips on this line and I can’t help but to stop and record it. And include ridiculously awed commentary. I really think it’s (one of the) coolest things and I’d never seen it done before (I later found out it’s actually called slack linking).  But if you know me, you know all about my seeming inability to not be excited about something. It’s my muchness.

Truth #2: I’m not certain how to contain said muchness. There’s probably a time and a place to tone it down. Most days I am utterly oblivious to those times and places.

Truth #3: My muchness was in full effect when I said I would write a blog post every day. I’ve come to the realization that even though I can write every day, I may be reaching a bit expecting a coherent, put together post every day (as evidenced by this week) at least for now.

Speaking of this week, I’ve already mentioned one of the enlightening events that happened at UC. Another one was a National Crime Victims’ Week event that one of my co-workers put together. It featured the family members of crime victims. The courage and strength that these women have is miraculous. Even though they’ve lost loved ones–one of them lost multiple family members in a series of events–they are able to share their stories and work as advocates for victims’ rights. It’s incredible. Their resilience is a reminder to me that no matter what I’m going through, there’s a way to push through it. Here’s a photo of the event’s MC, News 5’s Tammy Mutasa, addressing attendees during the event.


Another event I attended this week was the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s STIR! Multicultural networking reception. One of the cool things about the event was the “forced” networking exercise we all had to do. It would get cumbersome (and maybe a tad bit confusing!) if I tried to explain it, so instead, here’s a photo I snapped of the rules.


This was a really great idea–in theory. Bells one and two worked out wonderfully, Bell three was really fun because we were all just trying to “beat the buzzer.” But by Bell Four I think we were all confused about what it was we were supposed to be doing ha! There were just so many people by that round.


Truth is though, it was a lot of fun.


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During my 20-year climb to economic self-sufficiency, I've inched my way from being a teenaged single-mother and high school dropout to completing a postgraduate degree and working as a Social Justice Advocate.
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