Hour three | Gratitude


I  thought it might be a good idea for me to take a moment to give thanks. This blog is probably going to be filled with stories and stuff about me and my mis/adventures so I’m thinking it would be nice for me to be intentional about my gratefulness. There’s a phrase that YWCA-ers (“YWCA-ers” is not really a thing, I’m making it a thing right now) use: “lift as you climb.” I have had a lot of women lift me up as they’ve climbed, or push me up as they struggled, or nudge me forward as they crawled, or pull me ahead as they rose. Or given me words of encouragement. This hour will be used to contain the space for me to thank you. Forgive me if I’ve left your name out–I’ve had SO much help along the way. And even if you’ve said a word of kindness to me, you’re a part of that.

(these are, for the most part, in no particular order…and instead of listing duplicate names, I will think of the multiple women who have the same name. And this list will not be static. It will, undoubtedly, grow):

Opal, Vivian, Verna, Tricia, Mary, Jane, Wanda, Kristen, Amiee, Angelica, Leah, Jeanetta, Paula, Anne, Kathleen, Kate, Maggie, Marian, Noel, Trudy, Stephanie, Noelle, Melissa, Mandy, Angela, Sandi, Angela, Kristie, Elizabeth, Jessica, Jocelyn, Judy, Diona, Missy, Lisa, Minnie, Linda, Patrice, Amanda, Laura, Drea, Holly, Michelle, Shelley, Diane, Diana, Charia, Mairaliz, Genne, Enisha, Reathanak, Shanna, Jen, Lisa, Courtney, Lauren, Lauryn, Miranda, Young, Rasha, Olivia, Billie, Michele, Angelina, Denisse, Lynze, Nadia, Mariah, Charmane, Bianca, Tiffanny, Andrea, Nikki, Nicki, Christine, Kristine, Jodi, Jo, Shannon, Devon, Becky, LeeAnn, Corey, Shonda, Jeri, Jennifer, Jen, Lori, Elissa, Delilah, Abby, Heather, Nancy, Tayo, Emily, Kristin, Krysten, Alex, Joyce, Lindsey, Theresa, Marisa, Pam, Sonya, Rae, Cherise, Erika, Shana, Fateema, Chan, Betsy, Melonee, Angie, Dawn, Lanelle, Lynette, Veronica, Gihani, Andrea, Helen, Elissa, Martha, Frances, Nahamani, Marsha, Renee, Ashley, Gabrielle, Teri, Wijdan, Barbara, Meghan, Vanessa, Hope, De Asa, Aeriel, Brae, Barb, Felicia, Carrie, Annie, Lindsay, Lindsey, Jill, Sandy, Luz, Betti, Eileen, Gina, Toi, Donna, Carly, Phyllis, Lisa, Rachel, Erica, Amy, Yvette, Jessy, Julie, Sally, Kara, Siobhan, Dana, Mallory, Jade, Monica, Adoria, Kaiya, Anna, Shakila, Mary Carol, Rebecca, Zhuo, Pama, Eva, Tamaya, Tyra, Carolyn, Karen, Bleuzette, Meredith, Quanita, Sophia, Avery, Erinn, Debbie, Kate, Sherri, Zina, Mila, Susan, Jac, Jenny, Marielle, Jenise, Shanna, Erin, Margy, Margaret, Serpil, Shareatha, Megan, Amber, Tina, Lethia, Jo, Alisha, Alicia, Alyse, Sara, Nichole, Tiffany, Maria, Paris, Kesha, Semira, Lakshmi, Princess, Chara, Donna, Adrienne, Kristina, Charmane, Christina, Ericka, Cherie, Maira, Pricilla, Alexis, Joy, Tonya, Jamila, Alethea, Ellen, Hannah, Christee, Kimberly, Rana, Rena, Kimberly, Sun, Aimee, Stephanie, Marcelina, Sharon, Cori, Sarah, Angie, Nicole, Shawna, Seante, Jeanetta, Anjylla, Amber, Pheap, Denise, Toni, Rahiel, Cynthia, Liz, April, Allison, Apryl, Sherry, Alicia, Diane, Louise, Allison, Kelli, Brae, Lirie, Kelley, Lindsay, Mycah,  Glennon, Iris, Eileen, Quanita, Katie, Jackie, Angie, Brooke…to be continued…

To each of you, Thank You.


About Desiré

During my 20-year climb to economic self-sufficiency, I've inched my way from being a teenaged single-mother and high school dropout to completing a postgraduate degree and working as a Social Justice Advocate.
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