Food, glorious food!

One of the best things about Italy is the food. And one of the best things I had while I was there was a caprese — it’s a really simple sandwich, but SO delicious! It was mozzarella, pomodoro and pesto on grilled focaccia bread OH MY GOSH– morire! (that means “to die for” in Italian)

I also loved the gelato– my favorite was to get a combination of coconut, pistachio and chocolate YUMMY!! Joy, my friend, traveling companion and Italian professor says that one MUST have gelato at least one time everyday while they are in Italy. I think they should have it twice!

On our last night in Florence, we ate delicious desserts! Here is a video to make your mouth water:

Here’s a picture of me with Joy and Lindsey — another one of my travel mates:

About Desiré

During my 20-year climb to economic self-sufficiency, I've inched my way from being a teenaged single-mother and high school dropout to completing a postgraduate degree and working as a Social Justice Advocate.
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